Registrar Classrooms


Space Use Policy

Instructional use of campus space is the highest priority. The planned use of space by Schools and Departments should amplify opportunities for in-person classroom participation. This approach should include appropriate space that may not traditionally have been used for instruction but could be repurposed to support successful in-person instruction. 

Additional priority uses of campus space:

  • A significant goal for the use of space is to serve the needs of research activities and meetings/gatherings of Columbia faculty, students, and staff. When classroom use competes with these meetings/events, pedagogical requirements should be prioritized to the extent possible. 
  • Another significant goal for the use of space is to support student co-curricular and social activities sponsored by schools and departments, student clubs, teams, affinity groups, and other university-related student-focused organizations. To advance this objective, a flexible approach to the operation of our facilities should be applied to space across Schools and academic and administrative departments.


Technical Assistance for Classroom Technologies

The general website for Classroom technologies is at the following URL:

For technical issues/requests and training write to [email protected]

For emergencies/in-room assistance call 212-854-3633. For all other issues including CourseWorks, Zoom, and account information, call 212-854-1919. Staff is on-site Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Hybrid classroom information can be found at:

A Getting Started/Best Practices Guide:

Facilities Assistance

For priority issues like classroom temperature or power failures, call: 212-854-2222. For less pressing issues like broken furniture, one light out, etc., visit:

Leased Classroom Spaces

The Office of the University Registrar regularly leases classroom spaces on the Morningside campus. 

Newly Built or Renovated Classroom Policy June, 2019

This policy governs the management and space assignment of all classrooms except those at CUIMC.

All classrooms currently in general use for academic instruction are assigned to the University Registrar who is fully responsible for the scheduling of courses and other course-related events in these rooms.

Dedicated or sequestered classrooms that are vacated for any reason will be transferred to the Registrar for space assignment and scheduling of courses.

All new classrooms constructed on campus or renovated will be managed by the Registrar regardless of the project funding source.