Protocol for Classroom Relocation

Our Commitment

The Office of the University Registrar is committed to:

  • providing to all University Faculty and students the most stable and accessible classroom setting possible, one that is conducive to teaching, learning, and other individual course goals;
  • working collaboratively and communicating proactively with the respective Faculties and administrative divisions of the University to provide stable and accessible classroom settings.


For Relocation Initiated by the Registrar’s Office or Another Administrative Division of the University

The Registrar's Office makes every effort to avoid having to relocate a course. However, circumstances do arise that can make relocation unavoidable. Examples include, but are not limited to, shifting enrollments that can occur during the registration process at the start of each semester; requests from the Office of Disability Services to provide an accommodation to a student; or pending repairs by University Facilities to essential systems and services such as elevators, restrooms, plumbing, etc.

When relocation becomes unavoidable, the Registrar’s Office will promptly inform the course instructor about the details of the relocation in a manner that ensures the smoothest possible transition to the new location. This protocol will be followed regardless of which administrative division is initiating the relocation.

In turn, the course instructor will inform their students of the relocation. The Registrar's Office recommends to instructors that they use the email feature in CourseWorks or Canvas to inform their students. The Registrar's Office supports the instructor’s ability to keep their students informed by providing them with all the pertinent details of the relocation.

In cases of relocations initiated by the Office of Disability Services, for reasons of confidentiality and privacy of the students involved, the Office of Disability Services respectfully requests that instructors do not inform students that the relocation is prompted by a student accommodation.


For Relocation Initiated by the Course Instructor

In instances when an instructor initiates a relocation, the instructor will inform all of the enrolled students about pertinent details of the relocation.


Communicating This Protocol

The Registrar's Office will regularly remind Faculty of this protocol and encourage them to contact us with any questions they may have.