Our Mission

The Office of the University Registrar actively and directly supports scholarship, teaching, and learning at Columbia University in the City of New York. Our work is the foundation of academic life throughout the student life cycle and supports the transmission of knowledge guided by the principles of integrity, collaboration, communication, and singular client focus.

Our Vision

The Office of the University Registrar will be a vital and strategic organization by supporting the academic life of the University through innovative technologies, collaborative engagement, and extraordinary support services.

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Feb 01, 2016

Until a few years ago, College of Physicians & Surgeons student, Ashley White-Stern (Class of 2018), didn’t envision herself going to medical school. Despite having two parents who are physicians, she was drawn to the humanities in college and graduate school. Before enrolling at P&S, she worked for a nonprofit educational organization, did fundraising for Human Rights Watch, earned an MA degree in film studies, and enjoyed a two-year stint in the food and hospitality industry.

Jan 01, 2016
You’re hustling down a busy sidewalk. Maybe you’re late for a class, a meeting, a date. Or maybe you’re just accustomed to power-walking like other New Yorkers. Then, up ahead, you spot an all-too-familiar figure—a man with dirty, ill-fitting clothes who’s shuffling behind a rickety grocery cart overstuffed with garbage bags.


Jan 01, 2016

Judith Matloff teaches courses in conflict journalism, and runs seminars on how to prepare for covering stories in dangerous places.

—Interviewed by Georgette Jasen for Columbia News

Nov 18, 2015

—Interviewed by Adam Piore, Georgette Jasen, Eve Glasberg and William McGuinness for Columbia News

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