Classroom Scheduling


All classroom reservations for class or departmental purposes must be sponsored by either a department or an instructor. No rental fee is required. However, charges may apply for cleaning and security, if necessary.

Reservation Instructions

During the first three weeks of each fall and spring semester, the Office of the University Registrar does not fulfill requests for non-course events. Because this period is always a critical time of shifting enrollments for courses, we must prioritize the needs of our teaching Faculty for classrooms for course-related instruction.

Electronic Classrooms

More Information about CUIT Electronic Classrooms

Classroom Support Request Form: LINK

Podium Computer Application Request Form: LINK

Operational Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Support Line: 212-854-3633

For all general inquiries, please email


We know and appreciate that finding adequate space for events can be a challenge. If you do anticipate a need for space for a non-course event at the beginning of the semester, we encourage you to visit the University Events Management website to explore options there, as well as to consider alternative days and times to schedule the event.


There are no fees for classroom reservations for class or departmental purposes, provided that the reservations are sponsored by a department or an instructor. The following charges may apply, however:

  • Cleaning charge (weekends only)
  • Security charge (only if building needs to be opened)
  • Electronic Classrooms: an electronic classroom fee will be assessed for any event that is not class related. For further information, visit the Online Reservation for Electronic Classrooms.

You can pay by either check or University account number.