Auditing Programs

General Auditors

The Auditing Program is available to adults who have not recently attended high school, are not currently enrolled in a college or university, and would like to sit in a designated class as a silent observer. They pay tuition.

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Lifelong Learners

The Lifelong Learners Auditing Program at Columbia University was launched in 1986 by the School of Professional Studies and the Brookdale Institute on Aging and Adult Human Development with the aim of establishing at Columbia University a community of mature learners committed to the principles of lifelong education. Individuals over 65 years of age who are interested in auditing courses may enroll at a discount as Lifelong Learners. They are also silent observers.

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Manhattanville Auditors

The Manhattanville Course Auditing and Lifelong Learners Program provides adults not currently enrolled in college with the opportunity to attend selected lectures from the University’s offerings in the Arts and Sciences during the academic year, and is available to the residents of the Manhattanville and Grant Houses, and the local Manhattanville community free of charge. They too, are silent observers.

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