Online Class Wait List

There are two types of Wait Lists.  Auto-fill Wait Lists enroll students into a course as seats become available, and students can see their position number on Auto-fill Wait Lists in SSOL. Self-managed Wait Lists allow instructors to manually add students to a course, and students will not see a position number in SSOL. On the day an instructor admits a student from either type of Wait List, the student will see a status of "Approved" in SSOL. The student will then be automatically enrolled overnight.

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Faculty Tips and Tricks

Toggling Between Auto-Fill and Self-Managed Wait Lists

In general, instructors (in accordance with academic departmental procedures) have discretion to manage their own Wait Lists, as well as to exceed course caps.

For example, to ensure a particular student is admitted to a course, the best option for an instructor using an auto-fill Wait List would be to temporarily change to a self-managed Wait List, using the following steps:

  • Day 1:
    • Switch the Wait List to self-managed.
    • Admit the student from the Wait List.
    • Wait overnight, so that the system captures the changes during the nightly update.
  • Day 2:
    • Check your class roster to confirm the student you admitted is enrolled.
    • If the student is on your roster, you may then change the Wait List back to auto-fill.

Keep in Mind: You can admit specific students to your course without doing anything to the other students on the Wait List. In other words, there’s  no need to use the “deny” option in this case. The “Deny” option is for instructors who want to let students know that there is no possibility that they will be admitted to the course and don’t want to keep them waiting unnecessarily.

The Wait List feature for course registration in SSOL went live for participating schools on the first day of classes of Fall 2013, Tuesday, September 3.