You may add and drop classes without financial or academic penalty during the Change of Program period. Most classes can be added and dropped on Student Services Online (SSOL) during this period.

Some classes may be blocked for web registration because they require proof of approval. If you are not able to add or drop online, you must come to the Office of the Registrar to change your program. You must bring a completed Add/Drop form with approval signatures when you add or drop in person.

Note: After the end of the Change-of-Program period, you may no longer add classes or receive tuition refunds for classes you drop. Please visit the Academic Calendar to view Change-of-Program dates for your school.

Dropping after Change of Program and Choosing the Pass/Fail Option

You may continue to drop courses for several weeks after the Change-of-Program period. During this period you may also switch from letter grade to the pass/fail option. No money is refunded for classes dropped after the Change of Program period.

Access to registration via SSOL stops after the Change-of-Program period. If you wish to drop a class or to change to the pass/fail option, you must bring a completed Add/Drop form to the Student Service Center in 205 Kent.

The final date to drop a course or to choose the pass/fail option varies from school to school. Visit the Academic Calendar to determine the final drop/pass/fail date for your school.

Adding or dropping classes may cause your status to change from part-time, half-time or full-time. Changing the status or the number of points in a program may have significant academic and/or financial consequences. Please remember that you are responsible for any program changes they make, so it is always a good idea to consult with your advisor, Student Affairs Office and Financial Aid Office before making changes.

Note: Failing to attend classes or unofficially notifying the instructor does not constitute dropping a course. Students who stop attending without officially dropping will be assigned a grade.